Credit Card Debt Advice From Around the Web

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Credit Card Debt Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on handling credit cards and debt.

A new poll by found that the number-one topic Americans are least likely to talk about with someone they just met is credit card debt. The percentage of people unwilling to discuss this subject actually has increased over the past five years, from 80% in a similar poll conducted in 2008 to 85% in the 2013 poll.

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I'm not surprised by these findings. It's not even easy talking about debt with close friends and family, let alone someone you've just met. "The American culture tends to assume that if you're having financial trouble, it's your own fault and you have some kind of character flaw," Larry Compeau, a professor of consumer behavior at Clarkson University, says in a statement for As a result, people don't get the help they need to manage their debt.

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If you have credit card debt, here are tips on dealing with it from personal finance bloggers:


10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: You Don’t See the Point in Asking for Help [ReadyForZero]
"There’s no reason to feel shame and no reason to isolate yourself. Now, let’s talk about how sharing your debt story can actually help you pay off your debt."

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Fast [Good Financial Cents]
"In order for any debt reduction method to be successful, you have to be 100% dedicated to getting out of debt. Follow these steps for setting up and using a debt snowball to pay off credit cards."

Debt Collectors Killing Your Credit? Here’s What To Do []
"If your credit report lists one or more collection accounts, here’s how to tackle them in five steps."

Is Being Debt-Free Always a Good Thing? []
"The following frequently asked questions, and their answers, address the issue of whether you can remain debt-free and at the same time have a good, or even great, credit score."

Keep Your Old Credit Cards Open [Consumerism Commentary]
"If you’ll need to borrow money in the future, refinance a mortgage, apply for some jobs, or seek out an apartment or a house to rent, you’ll need to stay on the credit grid."

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