The Right Rewards Card


The Right Rewards Card

A reader asks for help finding a credit card that offers rewards and can be used overseas without fees.

I'm moving to Turkey for a year. I'd like to cancel my American Express card, with a high annual fee, and get a no-fee card that offers rewards (mainly airline miles) and can be used abroad without charges.

The no-fee Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards card is a good alternative. Capital One doesn't charge a currency-conversion fee on overseas purchases, nor does it pass on the 1% fee that MasterCard and Visa charge.

You earn 1.25 miles for each dollar you spend, but it might take quite a while to accumulate enough miles for a free trip. Capital One bases the number of miles needed on the price of the ticket. You must accrue 35,000 miles to exchange them for a ticket that costs $150 to $250. Miles don't expire, and there's no limit on the mileage you can earn.

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