Earn 18%, Guaranteed

Credit Cards

Earn 18%, Guaranteed

Pay down your credit card for a surefire way to improve your finances.

None of the investments we recommend in our "What $1,000 Can Do" package is as surefire a way to improve your financial health as paying down a credit card.


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Six in ten of us are guilty of carrying a balance -- many at a rate of 18% or higher. So spend a grand on that credit-card bill and guarantee yourself $180 in savings.

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And if you're itching to put $1,000 into stocks, think of it this way: The interest you'd pay on that balance would almost certainly cancel out the return you'd make on $1,000 invested in the market in a year. It also dwarfs the interest rate on other common types of debt, such as car loans and student loans, making it the best debt to pay down -- unless, of course, you're in deep with the mob.

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