Pocket the Best Credit Card

Credit Cards

Pocket the Best Credit Card

This tutorial will show you how to get the best credit card for your style and find alternatives to credit.


Every day your mailbox is stuffed with credit card offers, and the huge limits and low introductory rates can be appealing. But jumping at the wrong card could turn into a nightmare of nuisance fees and inflating interest rates. Here, we outline how to get the best card for you.

There are different kinds of credit, different sources of credit and different prices for credit. It pays you, literally, to know the difference.

Here we explain the basics of credit cards, from the types of cards to finding the best deals to protecting your rights.

  • Credit Card Features
    Make sure you know what fees and rates your card issuer is charging.

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  • The Best Card for Your Credit Style
    Will you pay off your balance every month? Carry a balance? Answers to these questions will help you zero in on the best card.

  • Best Credit Card Deals
    If you aren't satisfied with the terms your card company is offering, you may be able to find a better plan elsewhere.

  • Alternatives: Charge and Debit Cards
    Not all plastic cards are created equal.