Cards That Benefit Planet Earth

Credit Cards

Cards That Benefit Planet Earth

When you spend, you help support renewable energy

Instead of taking a perk for yourself, you can now use your rewards points to support sustainable energy.

Wells Fargo cardholders enrolled in its Enhanced Rewards program ($19 annual fee; may redeem points for renewable energy certificates. Redeem 5,000 for a $50 certificate from environmental-energy broker 3Degrees that is applied to renewable energy.

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Wells Fargo is matching redemptions dollar for dollar until November 4 up to $100,000. Wells Fargo participates in the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partners Program and currently purchases 42% of its electricity from a wind-power provider.


The no-fee GE Money Earth Rewards Platinum MasterCard Card ( lets you choose between contributing 1/2% or 1% of your spending for greenhouse gas emissions offsets or cash (you can switch back and forth). GE AES Greenhouse Gas Services buys offsets once a year on Earth Day.

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