Avoid Credit-Card Snafus Overseas

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Avoid Credit-Card Snafus Overseas

Tell your card issuer you're traveling abroad so you won't run into problems using your card.

Before you leave town, be sure to notify your credit card company of your vacation plans. It's particularly important if you are going, but it's a good idea whatever your destination.

You are likely to use your credit card frequently while on vacation, which could trip the issuer's fraud-alert system. That is what happened to Jerry Huller on the Greek isle of Hydra. He tried to use his Capital One card to purchase jewelry but the card was declined. A conference call in the jewelry store resolved the problem.


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Later Huller tried to contact Capital One to confirm that future purchases in Greece would be authorized. After several attempts, he reached Capital One and confirmed that his card would be accepted.

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To avoid similar hassles and ensure your peace of mind, ask your issuer the best way to reach customer assistance from overseas.

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