A Deal from Discover

Credit Cards

A Deal from Discover

This credit-card issuer is offering rebates on its interest rates to cardholders who make payments on time.

If you usually carry a balance on your credit card, Discover wants to make a deal. With its new, no-fee Motiva card, Discover will rebate the following month's interest every time you make six on-time payments in a row (you can receive a rebate twice a year). Bill payments may be made online, by phone or by automatic debit -- without charge -- or you can mail a check.


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A Consumer-Friendly Way to Calculate Interest

A Catch to Balance Transfer Offers

Discover is offering a 3.9% introductory rate until February 2008. Purchases made with Motiva earn a cash-back reward of up to 1%, and you can earn rebates of up to 20% for online spending at selected merchants.

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One additional motivation: Discover is using the less costly, more consumer-friendly average daily balance method to calculate finance charges, rather than the two-cycle billing method that it uses for its other cards.

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