Personal Finance Advice From Around the Web

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Personal Finance Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on credit, budgeting and spending.

First, the news: A rule that made it tough for stay-at-home spouses to qualify for their own credit cards has been revised. A provision of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 required card issuers to look at individual income rather than household income when deciding whether to extend credit to people. But now that regulation has been revised to allow card issuers to consider shared income. See New Rule Re-Opens Credit to Stay-At-Home Parents on the blog to learn more.

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Now to a post that really caught my attention: A Letter to the Management of Companies With Hated Customer Service. G.E. Miller of 20Somethingfinance puts into words what probably many of us are thinking when it comes to the lack of customer service (and that's a nice way of putting it) at many companies. If you agree with what he says, share his post with others -- or with the companies themselves.

And for more personal finance advice, here's what others from around the Web are writing:


Evolve Your Money Management Beyond the Budget [Wise Bread]
"I think it makes much more sense to adopt a four step money management approach that saves first and rewards last (with more saving)."

Control Your Spending by Giving Yourself an Allowance [ReadForZero]
"Having an allowance helps people save because it removes the emotions around impulse spending. Instead, discretionary spending is now built into the budget."

A Relationship Between Personal Income and Gambling? [Budgets Are Sexy]
"I do think it’s smart to put a certain percentage aside to do whatever you please with it so you can keep sane and generally happy. Whether it has to do with playing blackjack, or buying fancy widgets, or even splurging on $100 bottles of wine, the what doesn’t really matter so much as does the mentality and being OK with some 'play' money."

Will Your Family Spend $1,139 on Prom This Year? [MoneyNing]
"One of the reasons that prom costs keep rising is that there seems to be a trend toward impressing others with your prom experience."

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