Financial Stress-Relief Advice From Around the Web

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Financial Stress-Relief Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers about improving your finances to eliminate money stress.

It's hard to concentrate on your finances -- or much of anything -- during the lazy days of summer. This is a time when many of us slow down and try to relax a little. The last thing we want is to be stressed out thinking about money. So I found several tips from around the Web about how to eliminate financial stress so you can kick back and enjoy your summer.

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5 Ways to Ease Your Money Stress [Mint Life]
"Learning how to ease your money stress may not be easy, but developing this ability can not only make you happier, but more financially secure."

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50+ Mini-Tasks to Improve Your Finances One Step at a Time [Moolanomy]
"Achieving financial success is making the commitment to take a series of small steps in the right direction."

How to Balance Work and a Happy Family Life [Money Crashers]
"In recent generations, the difficulty of maintaining a happy home life while climbing the corporate ladder has become even more stressful than in the past due to several factors."


The Fear of Being Broke (and How to Use It) [The Simple Dollar]
"Most of the time, my goals and general sense that I’m on the right track are enough to make me not even think about making the poor decision, but in the moments where that fails, that little twinge of fear is enough to keep me on the right track."

The Truth About Being Broke [Get Rich Slowly]
"The truth about being broke is that it can be exhausting and demoralizing. And although that part of my life caused a lot of heartache and embarrassment, I’m so glad that I was able to learn all of those lessons firsthand. Now that I’m on the other side, I use those experiences as motivation to continue my quest for financial independence and security."

The Freedom of a Debt-Free Life [Wise Bread]
"Debt-free individuals experience financial freedom that allows them to live life more fully, since they do not have to be held back or stressed by burdensome debts."