Kiplinger's Back-to-School Special

Saving Money

Kiplinger's Back-to-School Special

How to save money on everything from school supplies to tuition.

August has arrived and the kids are getting ready to go back to the classroom. Parents everywhere heave a sigh of relief -- until the financial realities slap them upside the head. From buying school supplies and paying tuition to making sure your college student has the proper money skills, Kiplinger's has got you covered:

Crash Financial Course
for College Frosh

There's still time to help your child learn to manage money before he or she heads to campus this fall.

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Surprise! More College Costs
Tuition, room and board aren't the only bills a student will rack up at school. Here are six unexpected costs to anticipate, and tips to ease the financial pinch.

Freshman Finance 101
Ten things all new college students should know about making smart financial choices.

Smart Ways to Pay
for College

You don't have to break the bank to get an education. Here are five ways to keep costs under control.

Quick Comebacks to Kids' Shopping Questions
Before you round up the children and head off to begin your back-to-school shopping, arm yourself with smart answers to 15 of their most difficult or embarrassing money questions.

Laptops Under $500
These machines offer basic computing at a price that's easy on your budget.