Find Out How Much College Aid You Can Get

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Find Out How Much College Aid You Can Get

This calculator will give you a quick estimate.

By now, your high school senior has received letters from the colleges he applied to letting him know whether he's been accepted. Which one he attends could depend on the price tag and whether your family can get financial aid.

In our Quick and Easy Financial Fixes, we suggest a fast way to get a rough idea of how much aid you could receive. has an Quick Expected Family Contribution Calculator that takes just one minute to complete. It will help you understand the major variables that affect financial aid.

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For a more-accurate estimate, try FinAid's Financial Aid Estimation Form. For tips on how to increase your child's chances of receiving funding, see Improve Your odds for College Aid.

To learn why some families get more aid than others, see Cracking the Financial Aid Code. And learn how to interpret a college-aid letter with our new interactive tool.