Reader's Choice 2009: Hokies Rule

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Reader's Choice 2009: Hokies Rule

Virginia Tech ranks No. 1 with our readers. Here are profiles of some other reader favorites, written by students.

The voting is over, and the results are in. We asked readers which school ranks first in their book of best values in public colleges and universities for 2008-2009. Our selection for best value was University of North Carolina. Almost 28,000 online votes were cast in our reader’s choice poll. And you selected Virginia Tech. The runners up, all with big vote totals: Texas A&M, Murray State, and Truman State.

Here were your 20 favorites, according to the ten-month poll posted from January until October 2009.

1) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 7144
2) Texas A&M University 6051
3) Murray State University 5185
4) Truman State University 3386
5) University of Oklahoma 751
6) Louisiana State University 624
7) Missouri University of Science and Technology 526
8) Appalachian State University 496
9) Georgia Southern University 315
10) The Ohio State University 281
11) State University of New York College at Geneseo 182
12) The University of Texas at Austin 166
13) University of California, Berkeley 132
14) Clemson University 131
15) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 131
16) University of Central Florida 130
17) University of Virginia 104
18) University of Florida 95
19) The Pennsylvania State University 89
20) Florida State University 84

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We use hard statistics to produce Kiplinger’s annual rankings for best values in public colleges and universities, and we’re proud of the results. But we also gave our readers' favorites a chance to brag a little, by letting a student fill us in on what’s fun, cool, quirky and just plain great on campus and nearby. Here are ten public schools we profiled during 2009. Learn about each school, and leave your own comments:


Texas A & M University
Mark Gold, student body president, gives us 12 insider tips.

Murray State University
Mallory Allgood says the school's best feature is the Quad, where students can go to relax after a long day of classes.

Truman State University
Anthony Speno, a 2009 grad, says the university's lively student body is its best feature.

University of Oklahoma
Kaleigh Kaczmarek says her school is affordable, dynamic and stimulating.

Louisiana State University
Brady Lemon's favorite events on campus are Groovin’ on the Grounds, a free concert, and Fall Fest, a welcome-back celebration for students and faculty.

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Andrew Rochetto says his time at Missouri S&T has been the best experience of his life.

Appalachian State University
Jennifer Mixter says each student, faculty member and staff member shares a bond as part of the “Appalachian Family.”

Georgia Southern University
Clay Turner says the best place to study on campus is the school's newly renovated and expanded Zach S. Henderson Library.

Clemson University
Mansa Joseph says the best feature on campus is Clemson Memorial Stadium, where Tiger fans root for the Orange and White.

UNC Chapel Hill
J.J. Raynor, a 2009 graduate, says that UNC-CH is a campus truly engaged in solving the world’s toughest problems.