Deep Discounts on Four 2010 Models

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Deep Discounts on Four 2010 Models

Great bargains on these soon-to-be-retired 2010 cars will remain until they're sold out.

It’s a tradition as predictable as the dog days of summer: When the model year is winding down -- usually beginning in July or August -- dealers throw inventory-clearance sales to move out the old vehicles and create space for the new. The steepest discounts are on models that are getting a redesign or a refresh or are being retired forever.

According to a recent report by TrueCar, an automotive data company, discounts on outgoing models will continue to remain high until they’re sold out.

Chevy Cobalt. You’ll see cut-rate prices on Chevy’s outgoing compact as dealers clear showrooms to make room for the Cobalt’s replacement, the new Cruze. The Cruze boasts an available turbocharged four-cylinder that gets up to 40 mpg on the highway, but the Cobalt XFE gets nearly as good mileage (37 mpg highway) and the 2.2-liter engine has plenty of pep. Sticker price for the base model: $15,710. Your price: $12,400. Discount: 21%.

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Hyundai Sonata. The 2011 Sonata is already on sale, but the popular 2010 model is available at deep discounts. You’ll miss out on the 2011’s stunning redesign, but the 2010 offers solid driving dynamics and Hyundai’s five-year warranty that comes with five years of roadside assistance. Plus, it’s your last chance to score a V6 Sonata -- the 2011 lineup is all four-cylinders. Sticker price for the base model: $19,420. Your price: $15,900. Discount: 18%.


Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep’s redesigned SUV debuts this summer, and buyers are snapping up heavily discounted 2010 models. The 2011 is longer and wider, which gives it an edge in passenger and cargo room, but the new lineup is missing the revered 400-plus horsepower SRT-8 (so far). Sticker price for the base model: $31,490. Your price: $25,700. Discount: 18%.

Lincoln MKX. The 2011 gets a face-lift inside and out, but if you can live without that, you can take advantage of hefty incentives on the Lincoln twin of the popular Ford Edge. The new MKX features a new, larger engine, but the 3.5-liter V6 in the 2010 puts out a respectable 265 horses and gets 25 mpg on the highway. Sticker price for the base model: $39,695. Your price: $33,000. Discount: 17%.